My philosophy as an editor is “do no harm.” This means that I have two roles:

  1. Defender of authors: Ensure that you, the writer, are conveying the messages you are intending to convey and that you are writing them as clearly as possible (while, of course, maintaining your voice).
  2. Defender of readers: Ensure that they, your readers, are getting the most engaging material possible that is also easy for them to understand.

Luckily for me, there is a lot of overlap in that work. And honestly, at the end of the day, it’s all about making your words shine.

What Authors Say

“Elanna was able to pull off a fantastic feat with my reader’s report. As a first-time author, I was nervous to take the next step. But with Elanna’s skills, thorough communication, patience, insight, and compassionate approach, the entire process—and novel-writing as a whole—felt less intimidating and, simultaneously, more real. I feel more ready and more equipped to continue my journey thanks to my time with Elanna.”

-A.E. McKinley, author, adult surrealist literary fiction

“Elanna was very communicative! I couldn’t believe how quickly I received emails. Their responses were consistent and considerate. They gave me concrete deadlines and actually sent the edits back early. Everything was accessible and explained thoroughly. Elanna also took the time to comment kind encouragements which was so appreciated. I also appreciated the invitation to ask questions/discuss comments.”

-Faith Villanueva, author, YA contemporary

“I had a fantastic experience working with Elanna on my query letter. She was meticulous in making certain that my query followed all of the “unwritten rules” of query-writing. She also ensured that each and every word in the letter carried the proper nuance, that the character’s personality and struggles shone through clearly in the body of the text, and that I was presenting myself and my book in the best possible light throughout. Her assistance was critical in shaping an unusual query about a multi-viewpoint novel, and I can only thank her again and again for her expertise, her willingness to make query-shaping into a collaborative process, and her patience.”

-Linda McMullen, author, adult literary/upmarket

“It was a real pleasure working with Elanna. She sent me my reader’s report in a very timely manner. Her report helped me understand my big picture strengths and weaknesses in a way that made me excited to continue revising my manuscript. She was more than happy to answer my follow-up questions which pointed out a few problem areas that were missed by my beta readers and gave me great insight into what I need to target first when I jump back into revisions. I would definitely recommend working with her! I already know that my MS will be much stronger when I implement her advice on character and stakes.”

-Amina T, author, YA fantasy

“I found Elanna to be friendly and responsive, and thorough in her edits of my query letter. She was clear about her timeline and was even able to return the edits a day early. Her suggestions were hugely helpful and her comments demonstrated her knowledge of the agenting/publishing industry. I would certainly recommend her.”

-Chantal Lyons, author, YA science fiction

“Elanna Heda is a fantastic editor who can clean up your manuscript from tip to tail. She has a great eye for the details and any overarching issues you may need to address before your manuscript is ready for querying/publication. She’s responsive, efficient, and a blast to work with!

-Jessica Banks, author, YA fantasy