About Me

Headshot of me with Cinderella's Castle at Magic Kingdom in the background.

Hi! My name is Elanna Heda (she/they). I have a BA from the University of Florida, where I majored in Linguistics and English and minored in Gender Studies. I’m currently an editorial assistant at Disney-Hyperion.

My love for editing began when I was in sixth grade and discovered the world of fanfiction. My 11-year-old self had the never-ending confidence of youth and reached out to strangers on the internet, offering to beta (verb: edit; noun: editor) their stories. And did I ever. I expanded my skillset over the next few years and started editing application essays and then university papers when my siblings went off to college. As they made new friends, those friends asked me to look over their work as well. Word spread from there, and my fun after-school activity became a freelancing gig.

My formal experience within publishing began with an internship in the Editorial, Design, and Production team at the University Press of Florida. I learned so much about different areas of the industry because I worked directly with people at all levels within the whole press, from the Design Manager to the Production Coordinator to the Associate Director.

After graduating, I became a Copy Editor/Writer for Disney Institute. This amazing opportunity allowed me to learn all about Disney’s approach to topics such as quality service, employee engagement, and leadership excellence all while honing my skills. Now, I am thrilled to be working as an editorial assistant for Disney-Hyperion!

In my free time, I love to do puzzles (particularly jigsaw), knit, and, of course, read (check out my Goodreads, on the right, or my Storygraph to see what I’m getting into now). I am a supporter for plain language, an advocate for conscious language, and a lover of the Oxford comma.